Logbook Servicing in Nambucca River


Locally Owned Car Service Centre


Nestled in the heart of Nambucca Heads, Nambucca Riverside Motors is a trusted local workshop for car repairs, servicing and safety inspections. We’ve been working in the same spot for more than 45 years, building our reputation for honest work at a fair price. As part of the local Nambucca community, we work hard to keep your vehicles moving safely and reliably. Whether we’re doing a standard LPG registration check or securing a child safety seat, you can count on us to take care of your car.

Authorised NRMA Contractor


We are an NRMA Country Service Centre (CSC) and are contracted by NRMA to provide 24/7 roadside assistance to its members. Our team can also assist NRMA members with towing services as part of their membership. In fact, we work hand-in-hand with NRMA Insurance for all accident towing. The contact number for 24/7 roadside assistance is 131 111.


Preventative Maintenance


In New South Wales, you’re required to get a Safety Check (pink slip) every year before you can re-register your car. This covers the bare minimum but you might need more preventative maintenance than this.

We perform battery testing, wheel alignments and other general maintenance along with annual registration checks. If you hear a funny sound or notice something’s not quite right with your vehicle, bring it in and we’ll help you find the problem.

It’s always better to stay ahead of a problem than to wait for it to become more serious. But if it does get worse, we can also help you fix your car.

Logbook Servicing

Tow Truck

Roadside Assistance


Earning Our Reputation one car at a time

There’s a reason we’re trusted for service and repairs in Nambucca. We’ve been providing great results for our customers for 45 years and we’re ready to continue our legacy.

Servicing, maintenance, testing, towing…
Nambucca Riverside Motors are dedicated to helping you keep your car in the best shape possible.